View above video that explains in greater detail what pasture raised chicken is all about and why you should change your menu to more naturally raised, pastured chicken!!

Nutritionally Superior

Pasture-raised poultry has 21% less fat than conventional chicken, and 30% less saturated fat

also has 50% more Vitamin A compared to conventionally raised broilers

has 3 times more omega 3 than conventional or “Free Range”

Left to their own devices, chickens will forage for grass and seeds, and supplement their diet with a hearty portion of insects. Animal welfare or environmental considerations often motivate consumers to seek out pastured poultry, but increasingly, they can look to nutritional studies.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s labeling for meat and poultry products can be misleading. For example, the label “free range” chicken simply require producers to demonstrate that the birds have “access” to the outdoors. Regulations do not state how much space the flock must be given or require that the chickens have access to a pasture diet.