We have had many great comments from others. We will share some of them with you --

“sweetest, most delicious chicken that I have ever eaten!” 

“…A superior chicken... no seasoning needed except salt and pepper.”

“I am a thoroughly happy camper! I really enjoyed your chicken and cannot wait to taste another bite.“

“Delicious - Meaty, moist, and full of flavor without being fatty!”

"I picked up chickens from you a few weeks ago for the first time. They were fantastic.  It was the tastiest chicken I've had in a very long time.  The first bite had me exclaiming, "wow, this tastes like chicken!"  As odd as that sounds, I realized that the "chicken" we've been buying from the store didn't taste like anything anymore. We were so used to it that we didn't even notice that we had to douse it in all kinds of marinades to give it any kind of flavor."